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Why should we go with Live Presence Chat Software, instead of the other providers on the web?
       Because of excellent software, outstanding support, team of experts, integration with CRM software and many other reasons;
       all at a great priceLive Presence can easily add chat functionality to your website-no servers required.
        From one user to an enterprise; we can meet your companies' specific need.
        Add the ability to watch visitor activity in real time (referred to as 'live stats'),
        send visitors invitations to chat and the convenience of providing chat are few of the features and benefits found in our product.
        Elevate your visitors website experience. Realize the best ROI from your online advertising and website today.For more than 9 years, Live Presence have excelled in delivering CRM/BDC solutions throughout the United States, United Kingdom and Asia Pacific.
        Working with Ford Motor Company, GM, Chrysler and prominent North American businesses.
        Live Presence approach every business relationship with a firm commitment to earn and retain our client's trust.
        Live Presence are a team of professionals who thrive on providing high-quality, quantifiable results.
        Strong management throughout these years has allowed us to grow in this industry and Live Presence now offer what
        Live Presence believe to be the hottest tool in the e-commerce space Live Presence Chat.
        In this, Live Presence have been aided by the innovations of our R&D team.
        They have refined our solution, creating a unique product.
        The ability to integrate with existing systems is paramount to any chat system.
        Live Presence can provide you with a solution that can exceed any competing chat product because of our
        expertise in customer relation management and data integration.
        Live Presence natively support Microsoft CRM.
        Website Traffic - Webmasters helping webmasters develop high value relevant links.
        Promoting ethical web-marketing using the time trusted pillars of relevance and popularity.
Free Trial of Live Presence Chat Solution, for use on your commercial site, easy integration and has been tested on all modern browsers without extensive changes to you site. This Live Presence real time chat software is an inovation in technology that can convert your casual visitors to purchaing clients. Imagine having a visitor to your site, pondering what to purchase or wanting to know some other information that you may not have included. Now, the visitor can initiate a request for chat OR you may send an invitation to talk to them. What a wonderful personal touch to your site. This is a must have addition and is economical for you too. Live Presence chat solution is the answer to easy sales conversions and can attract more customers through word of mouth from happy customers. The Live Presence Chat experience starts HERE! Just fill out the simple request form and you can be converting potential customers into INCOME in a matter of minutes of approval. Live Presence NEVER sells your information to anyone and Live Presence only asks for minimal information and NEVER asks any Personal Information. You can start to enjoy a real time LIVE Presence with your customers in a very short time. Live Presence also can help you install the simple software onto your website, should you require assistance. Live Presence has expert web engineers on call to assist you with any questions. The Support at LIve Presence is unparalled in spite of the inpersonal support from other sites. Live Presence is the first line of support and is United States based, not in some foreign country that has trouble speaking YOUR language. Live Presence also supports other languages including Spanish, French, English and most other major languages. Live Presence also can provide this Chat Solution in other languages translated in real time, for those clients that need this solution. Sign up NOW for a FREE FULLY FUNCTIONAL LIVE PRESENCE CHAT SOLUTION with daily reports and chat transcripts of all conversations and requests.
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